The Nail Polishes Worth The Splurge


Nail polish lovers listen up! I’m going to put it out there and say that your nail polish bag, drawer,cupboard or whatever it may be, is not complete without at least one luxury nail polish. Now, there are many an expensive nail offering on the market, some good, some not so good. But if you are wanting to splash out on a real nail treat then head on over to a Dior counter.

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The New Brush In Town


Ever catch yourself gazing at the brushes at the Bobbi Brown counter? Ever sneakily stroked them while you hope that the shop assistants aren’t looking? Sadly, I happen to be guilty of both of these things, especially when it came down to the Bobbi Brown Blush Brush¬†because this brush truly is a makeup marvel. Go and give it a stroke next time you are passing and guarantee you will be a new proud owner of this brush.

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The Experiment: Mixing Lipsticks


The biggest decision a girl must make every morning: what lipstick shall I wear? There you stand, rifling through your makeup bag, you have the perfect colour in mind, but even though you own so many lipsticks you just can’t seem to find what you are looking for. Then something hits you, an amazing idea! How about you mix the lipsticks you have to create the perfect lip colour? Genius.

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