MAC Lipstick Finishes


Searching for a MAC Lipstick but not sure where to start? It is easy to be overwhelmed when walking towards a MAC counter and seeing an abundance of lipsticks in every colour you could think of. But wait, there are also different finishes and formulas too?! This thought can be intimidating and dare we say exhausting, especially if you are a first time buyer and do not know where to start. In order to make the process a little easier, here is a list of the different finishes that MAC offer in their lipsticks:

1) Cremesheen:

This formula is quite popular and it is clear to see why! A lipstick in this formula is creamy and offers a slight shine as well as delivering decent opacity. If you are really having trouble deciding which formula you want, this is a good one to go for because even though it offers good coverage on the lips it is not too over the top. In addition to this, the creamy formula means it does not enhance any dryness on the lips.

2) Glaze:

In comparison with a Cremesheen lipstick, a Glaze delivers a more sheer and glossy finish. This is also another great lipstick choice for beginners because it is simple and easy to apply without the fear of making a mistake. It offers a subtle wash of colour which is a good choice if you are going for a heavier eye look or just simply want to perk up your make-up look fuss free! This formula is perfect for a day in the office and also a safe option to wear at school.

3) Frost:

This finish offers more pigmentation than a Glaze lipstick and is less creamy and smooth than a Cremesheen. The longevity of this lipstick is slightly more than both a Cremesheen and a Glaze and provides a good coverage with a detectable touch of frosty shimmer to the lips. As Frost lipsticks are more shimmery than shiny, a lipgloss over the top will enhance the colour of the lipstick even more.

4) Lustre:

There are a lot of comparisons made between Lustre finishes and Glaze finishes because they are both sheer lipstick formulas, however I find that the colour pay of a Lustre finish is not as good as a Glaze and it does not last as long either. But if you are just starting to wear and experiment with make-up, this formula may be a good way to help you play around with colours until you decide what you like and are ready to try something with a bit more colour pay off.

5) Satin:

A Satin lipstick offers great colour pay off with an almost, but not quite, matte finish without being drying on the lips. As the opacity is high with this formulation, the wear time is also relatively good being around 3 hours or so depending on what you are doing. I would suggest using a lip liner in combination with a Satin finish lipstick because it does tend to fade around the lips so using a lip liner with both increase the wear time slightly and ensure the colour fades more evenly.

6) Matte:

This finish is not for everyone because it can tend to be quite drying and is not as smooth to apply as the other finishes of lipstick. I would again suggest using a lip liner with these lipsticks because you will have a neater application as Matte lipsticks can tug on the lipsticks. Having said that, the pigmentation is amazing as is the longevity so dig up those lip scrubs and lip balms because these lipsticks are perfect for a night out.

7) Amplified:

These lipsticks are so smooth, creamy and pigmented, they are such a dream to apply. Even though they have incredible coverage and opacity, they are not completely matte and they last a long time too. So if a Matte finish is not your cup of tea, I would definitely opt for this or a Satin finish.

8) Sheen Supreme:

The name says it all! No lip gloss required with this one because these lipsticks offer such an amazing shine along with the colour pay off! But I do find that you absolutely need a mirror to apply this formula of lipstick because they can be a bit messy to apply as they smudge easily.

I hope this was helpful because going to a make up counter can certainly be daunting and if you are spending lots of money on a lipstick, you want to get the right one! So if you are looking for a first purchase or want to increase your collection, below are some swatches of some of my favourites in the finishes talked about above. Happy Swatching!


From Left to Right: Creme de Nude (Cremesheen), Hue (Glaze), Angel (Frost), Altered Beige (Lustre), Rebel (Satin), Lady Danger (Matte), Girl About Town (Amplified). Full Speed (Sheen Supreme).



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