The Underdog Eyeshadow


Can you spot the odd one out in this selection of eyeshadows? Amongst these MAC eyeshadows lies an eyeshadow which I feel does not get mentioned enough in the beauty community; The L’oreal Paris Colour Appeal eyeshadows.

Obviously MAC eyeshadows have a special place in my heart because of their wide colour selection and pigmentation, but if a MAC eyeshadow is perhaps a bit out of your budget then look no further because these L’oreal eyeshadows really are great! Upon application they are so creamy, smooth and dare I say it more pigmented than MAC eyeshadows and let’s not forget they are a fraction of the price! The only aspect of these eyeshadows which is disappointing is the colour selection, as there are only about 6 or so to choose from but I can let that slide due to the amazing colour pay off, opacity and great wear time!


The eyeshadows swatched above from top to bottom are: MAC eyeshadow in All That Glitters, L’oreal Colour Appeal Eyeshadow in 153 Metal Plum and MAC eyeshadow in Satin Taupe.

As you can see above the L’oreal eyeshadow really does deliver an intense colour so if you want a good quality eyeshadow but are not keen on breaking the bank, I would highly recommend that you give these L’oreal Eyeshadows a try.


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