Trying to Branch Out to Other Brands?


Do you ever feel overwhelmed when walking into the cosmetics section? Always stick to the same brand but want to try something new and don’t know where to start? Well you have come to the right place because I have selected a couple of products from a few different brands that I feel are worth the money if you are in the market to explore some different brands!


The Dior stand is such a pleasure to explore because the products and the packaging are beautiful! This aspect makes it easy to get carried away and might make you perhaps buy something on a whim which may disappoint you later! However, Dior are full of high quality products, one being the Dior Nude BB Cream. This product provides slightly more coverage than your average tinted moisturiser when built up and leaves your skin with a really natural finish that is not too matte and not overly dewy. If you are looking for a light base for the day time this is a really good one to go for. The only fault I have with this product is the shade range as there are only a few shades, so it is worth going to a counter to see if the colours work for you. Another product that I recommend from Dior are their lip glosses. They come in an array of colours and finishes and most importantly, they are not sticky! What’s not to like?!


There is a lot of hype over a few particular products in this make-up line and rightly so! If I were to recommend some staple products, I would definitely recommend their bronzer and blushers. The bronzer is just the perfect colour; not muddy, orange, too warm, too cool just the perfect sun-kissed colour and the pigmentation is great. Same goes for the blushers; they have some really amazing colours which cater for every skin tone and they are so smooth to apply.

Laura Mercier:

Again there are some really brilliant products, the ones I feel are worth splashing out on if you aren’t sure which direction to take are the foundation primers. There is something for everyone; a hydrating one, a radiance one, an oil-free one, take your pick! They feel very light weight and make you foundation staying in place for that much longer! Another Laura Mercier product I would suggest checking out is the metallic cream eyeshadows. They are really pigmented and provide a beautiful metallic finish to the eyelids while being really long lasting at the same time, so perfect for you ladies with oily eyelids! 

There are just a few suggestions for if you are looking to branch out and explore some different brands. Obviously there are many more amazing products from each of these brands. but if you have a specific budget for just one or two things, these are just a few products which are completely worth the money in my opinion and also in the opinion of many others I have spoken to! Hopefully this post will make your next shopping trip a little less overwhelming and then you might feel comfortable experimenting even further to find out what you like and do not like. After all, experimenting with make-up is the fun part and there are so many brands and products to discover! Hope this was helpful!



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