MAC Eyeshadow Brushes


If you want to improve the way your eyeshadow looks and make the application a whole lot easier, investing in some good brushes is something you should consider. If you have been thinking about buying some MAC eyeshadow brushes but are not sure which are the ones for you, here are a few brushes which I believe should be staples in your collection:

MAC 217:

This brush serves so many purposes and if you want to achieve the ever coveted smokey eye then this brush is the one for you. This blends eyeshadow beautifully so that it looks seamless with no harsh edges so you are left with a smokey, sultry look. This brush is also useful if you  want to sweep a light wash of colour over your lids for everyday makeup and also works well for blending colours into the socket line.

MAC 239:

This brush is an essential if you want a really intense colour from your eyeshadow because it really packs colour onto the lid. Make sure to tap off the excess eyeshadow on the brush before you apply otherwise your shadow will end up under your eyes too and that is never a good look!

MAC 266:

This is also a really fantastic brush, especially for filling in brows. It is a fine angled brush so if you use this to fill in your brows you can achieve a natural look but build up the colour or create more of a shape to your brows if desired. I also find this brush useful for pushing eyeshadow into the top lash line because it makes your lashes look a lot thicker but is not has harsh as using a liquid or gel liner.

MAC 210:

I recently discovered this brush and have been wearing gel liner a lot more often because this brush makes it so easy to apply. It is really fine so you can get really close to the lash line with it and gradually build up the thickness of the line. It is hard to go overboard with gel liner because the brush is so fine, less is more as they say!


Even though these brushes are expensive, they are an investment because they will last you a long time and they wash an dry beautifully with no shedding in my experience. Obviously there are so many to choose from but I thought that these brushes would be a good way to start and then you can gradually add to your collection with brushes to suit your make-up needs!

Happy Blending 🙂



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