The Versatile Blogger Award



Thank you so much to the blogger of Polish and Paste for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award! It is so nice knowing that someone enjoys reading what I write about especially when I enjoy theirs! So you should all go over to and have a good read! 

Having been nominated, here are the 15 bloggers who I have nominated!

You should go and have a look at those too, they are all so lovely to read!

Seven Facts about Me:

1: Elephants are my favourite animal.

2: I online shop so much that my Mum is now friends with the delivery lady.

3: At the end of this week I am moving to France for a year to study at a university.

4: I love clothes made from chiffon.

5: I love the smell of coconut!

6: I am very neat and have to keep everything in order.

7: I can never leave Boots without a nail polish

Thank-you again to Polish and Paste for the nomination!




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