Autumn Hues



The Autumnal Season is falling upon us! Scarves and hats will soon be making an appearance, the leaves will start to fall and with this change of season brings a change in our make-up choices! Even though I am a lover of coral and summer colours at heart, I always enjoy experimenting with different colours and autumn seems like the perfect time to do so! Colours that seem to be appearing a lot this season are navy and purple hues so I have selected a few products, both high end and low end, that I think would look gorgeous for this time of year.

Starting with the eyes, one of the products I am most excited to use is the MAC eyeshadow in Contrast; an absolutely gorgeous rich navy colour which would spice up your average smokey eye! Even though anyone can wear this eyeshadow shade, I think this colour would look particularly amazing on brown eyes because the colour contrast would really make them stand out.

Next up is a cheaper product but still an amazing one; the Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Tattoo in Metallic Pomegranate. These is another great product for creating an evening eye make-up look with a twist and would frame brown eyes beautifully but would really bring out blue or green eyes with its warm tones. These Colour Tattoos also have excellent lasting power so for the price you can’t go wrong! (especially if they are on offer.)

Lastly for the eyes is a new discovery of mine which I am loving and it is the L’oreal Super Liner GelMATIC Waterproof Eyeliner in Deep Violet. This liner has serious lasting power so I would recommend these for someone who has trouble with smudging because they just do not move! This colour is a really lovely deep dusky purple and is not as harsh as using a black eyeliner but still adds intensity to an eye look.

Onto the lips, I have already spoken about the Laura Mercier Créme Smooth Lip Colours before but I have found a new colour which is perfect for autumn; Merlot. It is a really rich wine/purple colour and if you are bold enough to wear it, go for it! it is seriously stunning, especially with really simple eye make up.

There are my top four products I am most excited for this autumn! What products and colours are you most looking forward to wearing this season?





2 thoughts on “Autumn Hues

  1. Oh, I have the same MAC eyeshadow, and it’s one of my favourites for autumn/winter, a great twist on the traditional smokey eye! I’ve never seen those L’Oreal liners before, so I’ll have to keep an eye out for it xx

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