Cheekbones Ahoy: MAC Prism Powder Blush


Since Prism powder blush by MAC has come into my life, I’m not quite sure what I did without it!

When it comes to contouring, this blush ticks all the boxes for me: matte, smooth and not patchy, long lasting, subtle yet buildable and compliments my skin’s pinkish undertones! I find this powder to be more effective than using a matte bronzer because the colour provides a more natural looking contour, pair this with your favourite highlighter for the tops of your cheeks and you will find that it completely lifts and sculpts your face!

Before applying Prism:


After applying Prism:

ImageSee the difference?

If you are in the market for a contour powder, or just want to try one out but are not prepared to fork out a lot of money for the more expensive options on the market, then this could be the product for you! i would recommend this particular colour for people with more of a fair skin tone but for those of you who are not quite as fair, I know that MAC Harmony blush would also work perfectly!

What products do you like to contour with?



4 thoughts on “Cheekbones Ahoy: MAC Prism Powder Blush

  1. that looks like a perfect color. I find bronzers too orange on my skin and generally do not like the finish on me. But this one looks like it might work for me.

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