Starter MAC Eyeshadows


Everybody wants a piece of MAC Eyeshadow offerings, right? Who can blame you! They are certainly my most used eyeshadows in my collection! But if you are dipping your toes for the first time in the sea of MAC eyeshadows, what ones should you pick? It would be so easy to walk away with one of the gorgeous shimmering purples, greens and blues there are on offer, but are those colours something you will really wear on an everyday basis? By all means those types of colours are amazing to have in your collection for particular occasions, but for this post I am going to share with you my recommendations for those of you who are looking for their first MAC eyeshadow purchases and want to get their money’s worth!

1. Naked Lunch: This is a shimmery pink/champagne colour which is perfect for everyday use! It looks great swept all over the lid for a no fuss look that is appropriate for work or school. Furthermore, for those of you with a darker skin tone, this colour would be gorgeous as a brow bone highlight or even used in the inner corners in order to make those eyes look brighter!

2. Satin Taupe: This is by far one of my most well loved eyeshadows. It is a shimmery taupe that looks a little on the cooler side in the pan but I find that the colour applies as more of a warm tone on the lid. My favourite way to use this eyeshadow is to wear it in the outer corners or in you socket pair it something like Naked Lunch. By doing this you can achieve a soft and subtle smokey eye for the day time, or build it up a little so it is more suitable for the evening. Another way I like to wear this eyeshadow is my taking it under the lower lash line to add some depth and definition.

3. Bronze: All of you blue eyed ladies out there, if you do not own this eyeshadow, you must go out and get in immediately! This warm toned bronze eyeshadow really compliments blue eyes and even green eyes and makes them really stand out. This colour looks gorgeous with a tan, but just as good on a paler skin tone if you are looking to achieve that ‘Bronze Goddess’ kind of look.

4. Charcoal Brown: I know what you are thinking; what a boring colour! But in fact this is probably my most practical eyeshadow and I use it on an everyday basis! I use this colour on my brows and I think that this is quite a well rounded brow colour which would suit quite a lot of people, but I would still go and have a look first because it may come up a little too warm for some people. This colour is also perfect if you are looking for a crease colour, because it is a matte eyeshadow it really creates definition to your eye shape and looks good with most neutral eyeshadows you might choose to wear on the lid.


Top Left: Naked Lunch            Top Right: Satin Taupe               Bottom Left: Bronze                     Bottom Right: Charcoal Brown

I hope this was helpful and you now have an idea of what you might like to buy for your first MAC eyeshadow purchase (or simply add to your collection). What are your favourite eyeshadows?

Alice .


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