What’s In My Bag?


I have no idea why I find rummaging through other people’s belongings such a fun activity, (don’t lie, you know you do too!) So since I am a new blogger on the block and I like looking at what other people have in their bags, I find it only fair that I show you what is in mine!

As a very naughty treat for myself this summer, I bought myself a Michael Kors Selma Bag (if no one else is going to buy it for you, why not just buy it for yourself!) It is my pride and joy and I use it all time! Considering it is bright purple, it actually goes with a lot of outfits!

Obviously my phone, keys and purse are essential but I also do not go anywhere without a spare hair band, chewing gum and of course hand sanitizer, because you honestly do not know how many times I have seen someone coughing, sneezing or picking their nose and then holding the rails on the train, disgusting I know.

Beauty-wise, I like to carry my lip combination of the day which was Laura Mercier Smooth Crème Lipstick in Brigitte, which I have previously spoken about here, paired with MAC’s Tinted Lipglass in Florabundance. This is a really pretty everyday neutral peachy colour which looks great paired with almost any makeup look, it has been a go-to lip combo of mine lately! Another beauty essential that I carry around with me is powder! If you had told me a year ago that I would be carrying powder in my bag everyday, I would not have believed you because my skin was so dry. But, the transition from the hot summer we had in the UK to moving to the South of France for the year has completely changed my skin and I could not live with powder to skin my shininess at bay! My favourite is the MAC Prep and Prime Translucent Pressed Powder paired with the Real Techniques Blush Brush because it allows me to apply a light dusting of powder which reduces shine, keeps my makeup in place and does not look cakey. I also like to carry around a little mirror I got while at a stand near the Eiffel Tower in Paris earlier in the year, just because you can never have too many mirrors!

In order to keep my hands feeling soft and supple throughout the day, I use the Laura Mercier hand cream in Ambre Vanillé which is an incredibly sweet smelling hand cream, so if you are not a fan of really sweet smells I would steer clear of this but there are various other scents to choose from! In all honesty, I would not repurchase this hand cream because it does not seem to be clearing up various dry patches I have on my hands which is quite disappointing considering the price!


They are the things that I carry in my bag, not mentioning the bottomless pit of empty packets and receipt (but I know you all have that in your bags too.) What about you, what do you carry in your bag?




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