Drugstore Cream Eyeshadows


I do love a good eyeshadow and am always switching up the ones that I wear. These past couple of years has seen an explosion of cream eyeshadows from the drugstores and I have picked a few of my favourites that are worth looking into if you have not tried them yet!


First on the list is the one you’ve all heard of, read about and most probably tried them or own them but I’m going to tell you again; The Maybelline 24 hour Colour Tattoos really are worth the hype that they have been given and for the £5 price tag you can’t really go wrong. I only liked 2 shades from the line but there is at least one shade for everyone even if the selection is not that great. They stay on all day and do not crease in the slightest on my eyelids and they are just so easy to put on and blend out if you are on the go.

Next up is the newest addition to my drugstore cream eyeshadow stash which is the Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Paint. The consistency is much more wet than the Maybelling Colour Tattoo and does require some blending to prevent it slipping around but once it has been blended and it sets, it stays put all day and is great to either wear alone or underneath powder eyeshadows.

Last on my list is one that I do not hear of too often but I love it! It is the Topshop Crayon, there are a lot of similar products on the market but I really like the colour selection and the consistency of the Topshop ones but I will say that for those of you with really oily eyelids, it may be worth putting on an eye primer before hand because I did experience some creasing after about 3-4 hours.

I like to apply cream eyeshadows in a few different ways; One way is to apply with fingers, which I find is the quickest way to apply them and is also very effective for blending them but if I have more time on my hands, I like using a flat eyeshadow brush because it allows me to pack on the product and give me more precision.

I hope this was helpful if you were thinking about looking for some new cream eyeshadows to add to your collection! Do you like cream eyeshadows? What are your favourite ones?



6 thoughts on “Drugstore Cream Eyeshadows

  1. I love cream eyeshadows! My favourites would have to be the MAC paint pots (bare study and groundwork), but I also love the Maybelline colour tattoos (my two faves are permanent taupe and on and on bronze).. I’d like to try out the Rimmel eyeshadow paints as I’ve heard that they are meant to be quite good! x


  2. I loved the Maybelline colour tattoo formulas, but like you said, the shades just weren’t great at all, so I ended up barely using them! I was worried that Rimmels’ offering was going to be a little too loose, but it’s interesting that they still stayed put, once they’d set, so I’m going to have to look into those, for sure. Shame about the Topshop ones, though! xx

    • Yes I do quite like the Rimmel ones but again the colour range is very limited there is only 2 neutral-ish shades, the one shown and a more taupey one, I wish they had a nice champagne one! xx

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