O.P.I ‘My Private Jet’


I don’t know about you but every time Autumn/Winter rolls around, I am secretly excited because I get to start wearing darker colours again. But that is just a secret between us because I am the one who always complains about the cold weather! I came across this O.P.I nail polish in My Private Jet when I heard that it was one of Kim Kardashian’s favourite, so naturally I had to track it down and buy it!

I love O.P.I nail polishes in general because they are just my favourite to apply and I just love the bottles! But back to the point, the colour of this Nail polish is just so unique and like nothing else that I own! At first glance it looks like a shimmery, deep taupey/slate grey colour, but when looking closely you can see all the amazing glittery particles of all different colours!


As you can see there are some green, blue and warm orangey toned shimmer, beautiful! As for the staying power? That is why I love O.P.I so much because this polish lasts around 5 or so days on me without chipping (even when I have been scrubbing plates clean and all sorts!) Do not shy away because it is a glittery polish, it is just as easy to get off as a regular nail polish, not like the glittery topcoats we sometimes use! I also love the fact that this polish also does not stain my nails when taking it of which I definitely come across with other dark nail polishes.

What about you, do you like this colour? What are your favourite O.P.I nails polishes for the colder months?




8 thoughts on “O.P.I ‘My Private Jet’

  1. I have wanted this polish badly – every time I try to pick it up it is sold out!! Visit my beauty channel to check out my Top 10 Fall Nail Polish picks sometime!!


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