NARS Alhambra Eyshadow Duo


The purchase of this product was very much an impulse buy and a very dangerous one at that because it introduced me into the world of NARS eyeshadows and how beautiful they are! Of course there were oh so many gorgeous colours to choose from but I thought I would be sensible and go for something I would get the most wear out of (I will be less sensible another day) This duo in Alhambra caught my attention because the eyeshadows looked perfect for everyday, exactly what I was looking for!

The shadows in this duo are so buttery and smooth and they blend and apply beautifully, I actually look forward to using this product because it is just a pleasure to use. As for pigmentation, I use a base underneath all of my eyeshadows anyway because I prefer the finish and effect, but I tried these shadows out with a base of primer and found that the colour pay off was lovely, the colours really lift the face and complexion! The colour on the left of the duo translates as a gorgeous champagne which is great just to sweep all over the lid to really perk up those eyes and it also looks perfect on the brow bone! The other colour is a light shimmery gold which is slightly on the warm side when applied to the lids. A way that I have been wearing this duo is by sweeping the gold shade over the lid up to the crease and then blending it out, followed by placing the pink/champagne colour on the center of the lid to open up the eye, a perfect trick if you have had one too many late nights! The shimmer in both these shadows is so fine and not in the slightest bit chunky, so on application I did not experience the shimmer dropping onto the rest of my face and the shadows did not crease or fade on me throughout the day either. So overall I do not have a bad word to say about this product, it was well worth the money and I most certainly will be going back for more!





Is this duo something that you would like to buy? What are you favourite eyeshadows from NARS? I would love to know!



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