Lip Liner Lowdown



I don’t know why it has taken me so long to have a relationship with lip liners. I believe it is because I always used to associate them with that obvious looking lip liner that I used to see Mums wear in the playground back when I was a tot. They have since become a staple in my make-up collection because they are just such a versatile product. If you are still hesitant to layer on the lip liner, below I have listed fours ways in which I like to use lip liners and my favourites ones to use at the moment:

1. Perfect your pout:

No one’s face is perfectly symmetrical, a fact I came to terms with long ago! But by using a lip liner, you can fake a perfectly symmetrical smile, which effectively makes your lips look plump and juicy, who doesn’t want that! In order to do this, I study my face in the mirror (scary thought, I know!) Then I trace the outline of my lips very lightly until I am happy with the shape I have created. The key to doing this is by following that old rule ‘less is more.’ If you do not feel ready to jump straight into this with a bold coloured lip liner, my favourite one to use on an everyday basis at the moment is the Maybelline ColorSensational Lip Liner in no. 132 Sweet Pink. This is a great colour because it is a really neutral pink colour which is almost the same as my lips, therefore it looks completely natural, which is exactly what we want!

2: Help that lipstick last:

Don’t you hate it when the red lipstick you put on for that night out starts to fade in a really unflattering fashion? Well by using a lip liner to fill in your lips before you put on your lipstick, you create an excellent base for your lipstick to adhere to and therefore it will last longer, and when it does begin to fade, it will do so evenly without making your lipstick bleed and looking patchy! One of my favourites to use is MAC’s lip pencil in Cherry, it is my go to lip liner for those red lip days.

3: Create a stain:

If you lightly fill in your lips with a lip pencil then blot with a tissue and really work it into your lips, you can create a really lovely stain which will not transfer as easily as a lipstick does sometimes. I like to do this if I am going out for a meal and I want my lip colour to last without it smearing over my face (and my food for that matter!). One of the pencils I like to use to create a pretty stain is the Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 kisses Lip Contouring Pencil in Indian Pink because it creates a lovely deep wash of a pink onto my lips with is perfect for the autumn!

4: Make it bold!:

Lastly, lip liners can really make the colour of your lipstick stand out, similarly to how a nice cream eyeshadow base makes the colour of your eyeshadow stronger. This is a great tip to use if you want to go for the nude eye bold lip look, which again is perfect for this season! One of the newest additions to my collection; the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Lip Pencil in Venom is the perfect product to use underneath my favourite bold lip at the moment which is Laura Mercier’s Smooth Crème Lip Colour in Merlot, which I have mentioned before. When I use this combination, I am left with a really deep berry lip which is just gorgeous!

Those are the different ways in which I like to use lip liner, obviously I will say that you have to thoroughly prep your lips before applying lip liner in different ways like this because they can be quite drying and no one likes the look of flaky lips!

What are your favourite ways to use lip liner? What ones do you use?





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