The Versatile Blogger Award



I am so excited that I have been nominated for this award again! It makes me so happy to know that what I write can be helpful to others. I would like to say a big thank you to Rachael from for nominating me, you should all go over to her blog because she writes some really good reviews and a lot of helpful posts! As I have already been nominated for this award before I am not going to give another seven random facts about myself  because I don’t think there are anymore random facts about me than the ones I have already written! So, if you have not seen my other post, I will like it here. Since then however, I have found so many more blogs that I love reading so here are another 15 people who I feel deserve this award too! All of them are really great so you should go over to each of them and follow, like or just simply give them a read and leave a comment 🙂

Christina from

Jaime from

Molly from

Daphne from

Charlotte from

Carina from

Danielle from

Natasha from

Rebecca from

Gemma from

Safira from

Hannah from

Kenzie from

Beki from

Rhian from

I hope you all pop over and them them a visit and thank you again to Rachael from nominating me! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!





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