Me Time Necessaties



Who said Mondays have to be the worst day of the week? I know it can be, but if you allocate a bit of ‘me time’ after a long day with some relaxing products, you may even start to even look forward to Mondays? As soon as I come in and know that I don’t have anything else to do, I love to have a shower, cleanse my face, put on some fuzzy pyjamas and relax! 

I recently got a selection of mini Molton Brown candles as a gift (thanks boyf) and with this I also got a sample of their body lotion in Pink Pepperpod which I have really been enjoying recently! It is such a comforting, relaxing yet spicy smell, I will be getting the full size once this sample has run out it just smells too good! So this product has been a lovely relaxing body lotion to feel pampered with on a Monday! Obviously a candle of some kind is essential when it is time to relax and from the candles I just mentioned, I decided to burn the Relaxing Yuan Zhi candle, a luxurious and warming candle which is perfect for the autumn!

On to more smelly things; I have decided to retire my Laura Mercier hand cream in Ambre Vanillé from my bag because it is just not enough to heal cracked hands during the day and also the smell can be a bit strong, BUT, I have been really enjoying keeping it on my bedside table to add some sweetness to the hair and even though it does not get rid of the dry patches on my hands that effectively, they still do feel soft after use!

A good night cream and lip balm is something that make you feel really pampered and I am currently using the Nuxe Reve de Miel lipbalm and the Creme Prodigieuse, I have a full post on these and some other Nuxe products in the works but for now I will just say that these two products are my new loves.

And finally, no relaxing evening is complete without a hot mug of green tea and French Vogue of course! After this little routine I am well and truly puffed and fluffed and I am feeling and smelling good!

What are you favourite pampering products?



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