Products That Need More Attention


There comes a time when you get stuck in a makeup routine, or a rut if you will. These are the times when you consistently use the same products and also, sadly neglect some. I have recently been rifling through my makeup collection and have come across some things that I once used to love and others that I have never paid a great deal of attention to, but I am ready to make a change and start actually using the makeup I have, instead of just looking at them sitting in my drawers.

This first product that I feel I should use more is the Real Tenchniques Stippling Brush; When I first purchased this, I could not put it down, it was my favourite brush to apply my foundation with but since I got my hands on the Real Techniques Buffing Brush, I have hardly given it a second look so I want to try and use it some more to remember the good times we had and why I used to love it so much.

The next product which I have never got to grips with is the MAC eyeshadow in Sumptious Olive; This was a purchase inspired by so many Youtubers using it in tutorials and it looking absolutely gorgeous! It is a really lovely colour but I am just not sure how to wear it, especially because I have blue eyes so if you own this eyeshadow please let me know how you like to wear it so I can actually use this eyeshadow!

Everyone has heard of, loves, owns or used to own the Bobbi Brown Gel Liner in Black Ink, right? This is another product that has just been sitting in my collection untouched for such a long time, but I decided to use it the other day and loved the cat eye effect I got so I have put it straight in my makeup bag ready to use it some more because I loved the look I created when I used it!

The next product is MAC’s lipstick in Plink! Honestly, I actually forgot that I had this lipstick, maybe because it is Lustre finish which is not my favourite out of the MAC lipstick finishes, but I recently re-discovered it and it really is a great everyday pink and a great fuss free product!

The last product that I want to show some more love to is MAC eyebrow pencil in Spiked. This used to be my Holy Grail eyebrow product but I have since been converted to using Charcoal Brown eyeshadow by MAC. As the winter is rolling around, it is the time when I like to dye my hair a little bit darker so this eyebrow pencil will be the best match for when that happens!

What products do you sometime neglect but wish you used more?



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