Current Night Out Base



As it is the weekend, I thought I would post about the base products I have recently been wearing for nights out because I have really been enjoying them! We all go for that flawless finish when we go out because we may have our pictures taken and we all want to feel good and feel confident when we go out!

First of all, I start with the Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation Primer because I find that it works with my skin all year round, whether I am a little dry or a bit more oily, it handles it all. I find that when I use this primer underneath my foundation, it creates a really lovely canvas which my foundation just glides over and it makes it last all night too!

For the main event, my foundation of choice for going out recently has been the Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation, one of the reasons is because it contains no SPF which is good for pictures but the application and the finish of this foundation is just lovely. It has a liquid texture to it so you must shake it before use; I like to apply this on the back of my hand then dot it around my face first. I do this because I find that when I go straight in with a brush, it absorbs a lot of the product before I apply it, so I like to blend with my brush (the Real Techniques Buffing Brush of course) after I have dotted it over my face. I would say that it is best to apply little by little and blend as you go because otherwise it could look a bit much but otherwise it gives a medium coverage with a really radiant finish that is quite natural but still with some radiance and glow. The good thing about this foundation also is that I think it could work for a lot of skin types as long as you were to use powder and primer if needed because it does not cling to any dry patches at all in my case but it also has really good lasting power! Over all I really have been enjoying using this foundation lately!

For concealer, my go to has been the DiorSkin Nude concealer because it covers dark circles like a dream and it is one of the only concealers that I have found that I can put around my nose without it enhancing the dryness. The particular colour I have is a little too light in colour for covering any blemishes, so to solve this problem, I just mix in a bit of my foundation with it and it matches perfectly!



As far as touch ups go, it honestly depends on my skin that day but I like to set it with a powder just to take away any unwanted shine and probably only need to touch up once  during the night to make sure everything is in check.

Have you tried any of these products? What are your go to makeup products for a night out?



15 thoughts on “Current Night Out Base

    • Its fast become one of my favourites! I would say it is medium but it depends how you work with it. It’s best to apply it in thin layers and you can easily build with it. I still use a bit of concealer over blemishes but not a lot and it is also quite hydrating and covers dry spots that are recovering nicely! Sorry for the long winded answer, I just like it so much! haha x

  1. I have the same foundation primer from laura mercier and I also love it. I use it just like you when I go out for the night, helps my foundation stay put and not slide of my oily skin!! Love your concealer too, I got a sample last time I was at the dior counter and I used it all up until the last drop.

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