Beauty In A Hurry


Early mornings aren’t usually a huge issue for me but sometimes those situations occur where you went to sleep too late the night before after watching too many episodes of Lost, then early mornings become an issue. The worst part about it is, is that when you are in a rush, time seems to go so much faster so how on earth do you make yourself look presentable in 5 minutes? It is a challenge, a stressful challenge but it is possible and here are the products I immediately turn to when I have to get ready in next to no time!

During times like these, I don’t really have enough time to wake myself up properly therefore my skin also still looks tired, so firstly I turn to my Origins VitaZing Moisturiser with sheer tint release; this is a great product to have on hand because it moisturises the skin while perking up a peeky and sleepy complexion with a hint of colour. For me, I find that when I have some colour in my face, some redness or imperfections don’t seem as noticeable, so that is one less thing to worry about. But sometimes we don’t all have perfect skin and may have some kind of hideous eruption to cover, in cases like these I like to grab my Bobbi Brown touch up stick because it is quick and easy to apply to your face and take care of any problems, it is also creamy enough to pop under the eyes.

Complexion sorted (as good as it can be) now it is time to take care of the tired eyes. Eyelash curlers are an absolute must, the Shu Uemura ones being the obvious choice, they open up the eyes and when paired with the Benefit Eye Bright and some mascara you just instantly seem more alert.

For a final touch, cream blush is a favourite because it is easy to apply quickly with fingers and can be tossed into your bag without having to search for a brush as well. The Topshop cream blush offerings are a nice purse friendly option, my favourite colour being Head Over Heels, which will have you fooling people into thinking you have been up for hours and already been for a jog.

What products do you turn to when in a hurry?


7 thoughts on “Beauty In A Hurry

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