Clarins Mineral Loose Powder



I never used to be one for powder, but something has changed, I have found the one. Since I am in the South of France for the year, the weather has changed my skin; no more do I have dry skin as a result of icy winds, I am actually becoming shiny *sigh.* I had to put a stop to this immediately, so I did some online browsing and came across the Clarins Loose Mineral Powder with a radiant finish and just had to have it!

First of all, let’s just talk about the packaging for a second here, could you ask for anything more to sit and look beautiful on your table? I think not. On top of that, the actual product itself is just gorgeous: this powder comes in three shades of light, medium and dark but it is a translucent powder so will not offer you any extra coverage but will add flawlessness to your skin. For me my problem shiny areas are my forehead and at the sides of my nose, this powder completely reduces the shine on my face without looking like I am wearing powder and I have also noticed that it reduces the look of the large pores around my nose as well! 

Because I loved what this powder was doing to the look of my skin after applying it to those specific areas, I decided to then apply it lightly all over my skin, it was the best decision I have ever made because the rest of my makeup (bronzer, blush, highlighter) sits so nicely on top and looks so much better than it has done before when I did not use the powder. 

As this powder has a radiant finish, I would highly recommend this product if anyone with dry or mature skin is looking for a powder because it does not look cakey and does not cling or enhance any dry patches or lines you may have. All Clarins products have a slight fragrance to their products but it is nothing too offensive and something I find quite fresh but if this is a problem for you, you may want to investigate further in store rather than buy online straight away. The only thing I can say against this product is that it is not convenient for travelling and the sifter inside is a little to small therefore moves around a bit, but I can forgive these small little details when I feel as though I have just walked out of a magazine cover after using this product…almost.



Have you tried this product? What are your favourite powder products?


6 thoughts on “Clarins Mineral Loose Powder

  1. I’m the same – I have combination skin so it’s oily but dry (I still don’t know how that figures?!) so I need a face powder but one that doesn’t dry my skin! – I’ve got a Dior one which I LOVE but it’s a bit pricey so I like to keep this for more special occasions – I recently invested in the RImmel Loose Powder face powder and actually found that really good too – bit cheaper than Clarins as well. I’ve had Clarins foundation in the past and found in amazing though so I may have to have a look and invest in some of this Clarins powder! 🙂 xx

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