Bronzing Up



Summer is for bronzed skin, but Winter is for bronzed eyes! Speaking from the perspective of a blue eyed girl, warm bronze colours are my favourite to wear because they really draw attention that blue eyed hue. I feel like bronze eyes are really versatile because you can achieve something soft and subtle and pair it with a bold berry lip or release your inner Olsen twin and make it really smoky with a nude lip. There are so many bronze offerings out there but here are just a few of my personal favourites.

An obvious choice would have to be the MAC eyeshadow in Bronze, because it really is (you guessed it) the perfect bronze! I love wearing this blended all around the eye with a nude eyeliner in the waterline and generous helping of mascara, or smudged underneath the bottom lash line with a simple wash of champagne shadow and winged liner on the top lid. This eyeshadow blends and applies beautifully and is one of the eyeshadows I would highly recommend if you are looking to buy and eyeshadow from MAC.

Next up is one of my favourite cream eyeshadows and that is Laura Mercier Metallic Creme Eye Colour in Rose Gold. This product is more red toned than Bronze  and they do actually look lovely when layered together! I find that less is more with this product because if I am too heavy handed with it, it does tend to crease slightly so thin layers are the way forward when working with this product! If you have very oily eyelids I would keep it safe and wear a primer underneath just to increase the wear time and not have to worry about creasing and smudging through out the day.

Finally, the most recent addition to my collection and that is the MAC Paintpot in Indianwood. Oh my, this stuff is gorgeous! The undertone is more orange than red compared with the Laura Mercier product and I would highly suggest you picking this up if you have green eyes because it would look stunning! This Paintpot is so pigmented and applies so smoothly that I cannot believe I did not have my hands on it sooner! This is an excellent base for eyeshadows to really enhance the colours and it stays put all day long!

Do you like wearing warm bronze colours on the lids? What are your favourite eyeshadow picks for Winter?



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