Matching Lips and Tips With Dior

Who doesn’t love a good red lip around the Christmas season? Pair it with matching red nails and you just can’t get much more festive! When you are in need of such a pairing like this, I find that Dior is the place to go because they have such a wide range of classic shades to choose from and one must treat themselves around Christmas time!

The Dior nail polishes as a whole are just the perfect polishes for me because the application is so easy with the wide brush, plus you could easily get away with one coat of the stuff it is so opaque! The nail polish in the shade 999 is no exception and the best part is that this polish kept fresh looking and chip free for around 6 days on my nails, yes you read correctly, 6 days!! 

I loved the nail polish so much, it was just inevitable that I was going to get the matching lipstick, the Dior Rouge Dior in shade 999. This lipstick just instantly lifts your complexion and is the only thing you really need to create a “I have really put an effort into my makeup today” kind of look, if that is what you are going for. All you need is a nice base, some subtle colour on your cheeks with some mascara and this and then it is perfectly acceptable for you to walk around feeling like Natalie Portman in the Rouge Dior adverts, not that I do that….ahem.

Therefore, combining the two together are just a match made in heaven. Do you like wearing matching lips and tips?




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