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 There are times when being a student can make your purse hurt, this time of year in particular because buying Christmas presents for friends and family is a big priority. Unfortunately for me, on top of buying Christmas presents, I also need to buy a presents for a few 21st birthdays so I certainly have no choice but to restrain myself and look for some more budget friendly options for my makeup bag. There are so many affordable brands out there, but it is handy to know where to look of you want to find the hidden gems amongst all other products that are in the drugstore.

Starting with foundation, I know that Bourjois will never disappoint! A cult favourite is the Healthy Mix foundation because it gives you a fresh looking complexion, which I would say offers a somewhat medium coverage when buffed in with a brush but can also provide a more sheer and beautiful natural finish when applied with fingers. For something a little lighter, the Healthy Mix Serum is also a lovely foundation, especially if you are looking for a first foundation to buy. Keeping on the subject of complexion, the L’oreal True Match Concealer has been a favourite of mine and repurchased on numerous occasions over the past year. I discovered it by accident one day when my local Boots was out of my shade in the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer and I just needed to quickly decide on something else. Let me tell you, I have never bought the Collection concealer again since then because I think I thought I had to like it because everyone else seemed to, but in my opinion, even though the coverage is alright, it is quite dry and can be cakey. So to conclude my random outburst, L’oreal True Match is the way forward!

Moving onto cheeks, no one quite does highstreet blushers like Sleek. They aren’t chalky or patchy, they are beautifully pigmented and the shade range really does provide something to suit everyone’s taste, they even have great value palettes! What more can a girl want! 

When I want to buy an eyeshadow, going to my nearest Boots or Superdrug isn’t immediately what springs to mind, but when times are tough, the L’oreal eyeshadows really are something to get excited about! If you haven’t at least swatched these in store yet, I urge you to do so because the formula is just gorgeous and they apply so nicely too. The colour range isn’t fantastic but there are a few shades that are worth having a look at!

Lip products however, are something that I could spend ages looking at on a highstreet budget! Topshop is one of the places where I like to look at the lipsticks because eventhough the formula isn’t my absolute favourite, the colour selection is just so pretty! I also really enjoy the Bourjois Colour Boost Crayons, especially the new dark shade they have come out with, so if you fancy playing around with you lip colour without spending a lot of money, this is a good place to look!

I rarely buy luxury mascaras because they are something that you use up the quickest and to constantly repurchase expensive mascaras is just out of the question, especially if you are a student. For me, the place I like to go for mascara is yet again L’oreal because there are various different types you can choose from depending on the look you are after and in my experience, I have never been that disappointed with any of the mascaras I have tried from them! Maybelline is also another popular brand if you are looking for mascara but I find they can be a bit hit and miss depending on which one I pick so I prefer L’oreal for if I am in a rush because I know that it will do the job for me.

Hopefully this was helpful for those of you who are trying to cut down on the hefty purchases but still want to try out some different makeup products! What are your favourite products from the drugstore? I would love to hear your recommendations!




8 thoughts on “Student Beauty

  1. Love your blog. I totally agree with you about the Collection Concealer. I find that it creases under my eyes 😦 I would really recommend checking out the Rimmel Colour Rush Stick Balm. It has great pigmentation and looks lovely on the lips. Thanks for the tips, I’m a teenager, so money isn’t rolling in and it’s great to get some bargain tips! x

  2. ..budget friendly yes..but these are one of the best !
    I love Sleek …everything from them…they can put any high end fashion house product to shame! I have been always intrigued by the cute packaging of topshop lippies..I have heard they are incredible..too bad they are not available here…


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