Smoky Eye Essentials


A smoky eye is just a classic makeup look that you cannot go wrong with if you are stuck for what to wear for an evening out. You only need a few things to create a smoky eye so it doesn’t have to be so complicated as some people think it is, it is very simple to achieve and anyone can do it!

For a simple smoky eye, you only need one eyeshadow to sweep all over the lid and to take underneath the lower lash line. This can be any colour you like whether it be a dark brown, bronze, black, the list goes on! One of my favourite eyeshadows to use is Black Tied eyeshadow by MAC because colour is nicely pigmented which creates the perfect smokyness. I also love the fact that this eyeshadow has silver shimmer to it because it gives a look a little added sparkle with out looking over the top! An eyeliner is also important when creating a smokey eye because it gives the look some depth and definition, I like to use a gel liner on my top lash line because it intensifies the black shadow but you can also just use a kohl eyeliner which looks really beautiful smudged into the top and bottom lash line.

For me, the most important things you need to achieve this kind of look are blending brushes! Having brushes like this are so handy so I think it is always worth investing in a few good blending brushes because they will last you a really long time if you take care of them! The MAC 217 brush is a holy grail blending brush because it blends shadow out seamlessly and it is so soft so it will not scratch your eyes and it also washes really nicely! If you find that this brush is not quite in your budget then a cheaper alternative could be the No.7 eyeshadow blend and contour brush (I always pick up a few more of these when I go into boots).

With lots of practice, achieving smoky eyes becomes a second nature, and then you can start to have playing around with different colours! What are your favourite eyeshadows for a smoky eye?



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