Sampling the Samples


As the start of a new month has arrived, I thought I would start doing something new: actual test out the samples given with purchases. Why not try out some new things and begin a whole new wishlist for the start of next year! Every couple of months, I will gather together any samples I have collected and test them out so I can write about them for you, which could be helpful if some of the products are on your wishlists!

First of all I will talk about body products because I fell in love with one of the samples I had which was the Caudalie Divine Legs Tinted Body Lotion: Now, over the colder months, I have been embracing my porcelain ways which I am actually quite enjoying but I thought I would give this sample a go one night and was pleasantly surprised at how low maintenance it was! It was so easy to blend and it didn’t get caught in the hairs on my arms which was amazing to me because I find that almost all fake tans do that! It was such a natural looking and low maintenance tan that I will definitely be adding this to my summer beauty wishlist when I predict that I will be over my ‘enjoying being pale’ phase. Lastly for body, I had a sample from a brand I had never heard of which is called Laino. It is a French brand so I was expecting good things and I was not disappointed! The product in question is the Lait Creme Fondant Pour le Corps Beurre de Karité, (basically a shea butter body moisturiser). This body cream was so moisturising that it cleared up the dryness on my legs overnight, so if I can get my hands on a full size of this I will because I think it would be such a good winter staple!

Onto face products, The first one I trailed and tested was the Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum. Only being 20 years old, I never really try things aimed for anti-ageing because I don’t have the right skin to test them on, nothing was different when it came to this product as well, especially because a sample size isn’t enough to give a skincare product time to make a visible difference! The final sample I have to share is the Clinque Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector: I liked this product because it was really hydrating but I don’t think I would buy it because it just isn’t something I really need. I found that it lessened my dark circles slightly and concealer sat well on top, but I could never get away with wearing just this by itself. If you don’t suffer with bad under eye circles and are a fan of the ‘no makeup makeup’ look, then this could be something for you!

I’m sure I will be getting a fair few samples in the near future, with my online shopping addiction taking full force, which I am excited to try!

Have any of these samples made it onto your wishlist?



5 thoughts on “Sampling the Samples

  1. What Lauren Says says:

    I’ve been trying to use up my samples as well. Having a mini break this weekend so going to take them along with me in my travel bag x

    Lauren | What Lauren Says (Currently running a Secret Christmas Giveaway, I’d appreciate it if you took a look at it!)

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