Most Loved Products From November


 During the month of November I discovered some new products and went back to some old favourites, I also may have completely changed my skincare routine with some really exciting new products but will update you in the new year so I can give it a chance to work some magic (hopefully). At the beginning of every month, I like to had a re-jig of my makeup bag so I get the best use out of all of my products and it appears the past month I was playing it safe with the soft pinks!

I will start by talking about my new favourite candle: the Caudalie Divine Candle, the name says it all as it really is divine! I got into the habit of lighting this candle at night time while I settled down with a chamomile tea because I found that as time went by, I associated the smell with bed time and it really helped me to relax and wind down. The best way to describe this candle is by saying that it smells like a spa and the little touches make all the difference with this  because instead of blowing it out, you just put the lid back on so you therefore avoid the smoky smell and are left with a relaxing scent that lingers for the rest of your slumber. 

The Dior Creme De Rose Lipbalm has been quite the obsession of mine this month as well, so much so that I can already see the bottom of the tub after just one month*sob*. Even though this is pricey for a lip balm, it is not just any old lip balm, it is THE perfect lipbalm! It smells like roses and turkish delights, leaves a glossy soft pink sheen to the lips, actually moisturises the lips and I hate to sound like a brand snob but I really am a sucker for anything Dior. If you can’t bring yourself to spend £20 on a lip balm, then why not ask Santa for an extra little stocking stuffer because I am telling you, you will never look back. Carrying on with the theme of the soft pink lips, a new lipgloss from MAC had my heart in November and that is their Cremesheen Lipglass in Paper Lantern. The reason I love this lip gloss is because you can wear it over any pink lipstick and it doesn’t add much additional colour but just enhances the pink tones of the lipstick and adds the most juicy shine! I love this lip gloss formula too because it glides on effortlessly, wears well and isn’t sticky!

Moving onto mascara now and the one I have been reaching for almost all month is the L’oreal False Lash Architect Waterproof mascara. This is not a particularly ground breaking mascara but it is the first time I have tried it and I really have enjoyed using it! It really separates the lashes nicely and just makes them look really fluttery so I would definitely get this again! I will just say though that L’oreal is over all my favourite place to get mascaras because they are just so consistent but out of all the brands I have tried, high end and low end, I still haven’t found ‘the one’ and even though I really liked this, I can just feel that it is not ‘the one’ and I really am ready to settle down and commit now, so send on over your recommendations!

Last on this list of favourites are illuminating products, first would be the Clarins Insant Complexion Perfector and I just love applying this before my foundation to combat the dull looking winter skin and release some radiance! Finally is good old MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle. I dabble in highlighters and really enjoy trying different ones out but I always go back to this one every couple of months because I love the pink toned shimmer against my paler complexion and love the way it photographs. Sure, it can be a bit chunky at times but who doesn’t love that extra bit of shimmer!

What were your favourite products throughout November? Did you like any of the same products I did?

P.S. don’t forget about those mascara recommendations 🙂



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