My Must Have Products From MAC


I do love a bit of MAC in my life, the eyeshadows and the lipglosses are things I really enjoying buying an using but could I live without them? To be honest, I probably could BUT, there are four products from MAC that are absolutely essential for me that I use so much and would repurchase over and over again. ‘Holy Grail’ products can be a long and stressful search, but when you find them you will never be without them!

Obviously I dabble in and out of different products from different brands but I always, always need to know that I have Spiked eyebrow pencil in my collection. I do not even know how many pencils I have gone through in my time! For a good while I was using Charcoal Brown eyeshadow to fill in my brows everyday but when I rediscovered spiked I remembered how much I love it. There are a couple of products I like to use for my brows but you never know when you are going to be in a hurry or quickly need a pack a couple of things to go somewhere and this is just a go to for me for these occasions because you don’t have the hassle of other brushes and you can create really natural looking brows really quickly with this product. I would be lost without it.

I must say I am a lover of a good cream eyeshadow, especially MAC paintpots because they are really nicely pigmented and smooth to apply. The paintpot that I would happily use all day everyday out of all of my cream eyeshadows if I had to choose, would be Groundwork. This paintpot is a soft muted taupe/brown colour that is the perfect companion under any neutral eye look and I also really enjoy wearing this on its own because it can be blended out to create a lovely shadow over the lid which gives you some definition. I think I went through a period of wearing this everyday for around 2 months earlier this year!

Need I talk about Dame blush anymore? I have mentioned it in quite a few posts and it is just my go to and the one I would pick out of all my blushes from all different brands if I was forced to!

Where do I start with Hue lipstick, I am going to make a really bold statement and say this is my favourite lipstick of all time, this is coming from a serious lipstick lover. Earlier this year I stopped using it just because I didn’t want it to run out and I needed to branch away and try some new things. I found some more pink everyday lipsticks that I love but nothing quite compares to this, it is just my perfect nude. I thought about it and this is my 6th tube of it and it is always the one I choose when I ‘Back to MAC.’ My new favourite combination that I am wearing everyday is Maybelline’s lip liner in Sweet Pink with this lipstick and MAC’s Cremesheen Lipglass in Paper Lantern, so if you are in the market for THE perfect everyday nude/pink lipstick and you haven’t tried this, you just have to, it’s an order!

What are your must have products from MAC? Are any of them the same as mine?



4 thoughts on “My Must Have Products From MAC

  1. Mine are… Gleeful Mineralize blush, Mineralize skin finish natural in medium plus, spiked eyebrow pencil, paint pot in painterly and the pro long wear concealer … ❤️ lipstick wise – too many to name! Everyday subtle lipstick is definitely hug me! X

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