Beautify Those Brows


 Remember the first time you got your hands on those tweezers? I do and let me tell you, I went to town and plucked those pesky hairs to my heart’s content! I really am horrified when I look back at secondary school photos, I really am. But I have learnt from my ways and try not to pick up the tweezers unless it is absolutely necessary so I can try and grow them out so they look a little more full. There are a few products that I turn to in order to beautify my brows, it may be a time consuming process in the mornings but it is just such routine now so I make sure to give myself those extra few minutes of preening time so I don’t walk out of the house and scare everyone who walks by.

I mentioned in my last post that Spiked eyebrow pencil from MAC must be in my collection at all times because it is the product I have been using for the longest and it is just so reliable and I rarely make mistakes using it anymore. Because it is a really fine pencil, it saves time having to faff around looking for brushes and it just gets the job done quickly and makes my brows look more full but still looks natural. When this pencil seems like the end of its life is approaching, I go into panic mode because I just need to know I have it for a back up in case something were to go wrong if I were using something else.

However, my next favourite brow product, or products if you include the brush) is Charcoal Brown eyeshadow from MAC with a MAC 266 brush. This brush is quite thin so it really makes the application of the powder really easy, so if you are in need of a brush for filling in your brows with a powder, trust me, you need this! I love this finish of how this powder looks in my brows because it is quite soft and natural looking. This is a bit more time consuming than using a pencil for me but I just love the finish so it is worth it! Because I dye my hair a darker brown every couple of months, my hair is constantly fading, then getting darker, then fading etc, so sometimes this product can look a little too warm depending the colour my hair decides to be that day but other than that, I have no other problems,

The Make Up Forever Aqua Brow is something I have seen people speak about here and there but has never really taken my fancy, but somehow it ended up in my basket one day (I don’t know how it happened, I promise) and decided to give it a go! Right now the colour is perfect, I got the colour 25 which is the best match if you do use Charcoal Brown, so that is already one big tick! I still need to play around with it some more but I find that you have to use a really light hand when applying this otherwise is a little ‘in your face’ but once on, this will not move so would be an amazing addition to your makeup bag if you were going on holiday. When applied and softened through with a brow comb, it really does create a lovely defined brow but definitely requires practise! 

Another tool which is essential when tackling unruly brows, is a good brow gel. There are an abundance of these on the market and I decided to be a little different and not go with the obvious choices and ended up going for the Tweezerman Brow Mousse. I read really good reviews on it from and I have not been disappointed. It is a clear brown gel that doesn’t deposit too much product which I like and it gives the brow a nice hold and makes them look more natural by defining their shape.

What are you favourite products to fill in your eyebrows? Have you tried any of these?



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