Dior Eyeshadow in Panama

I love me some taupe eyeshadow, I am automatically drawn to them, so obviously I just had the have this in my greedy mitts as soon as I set my eyes on it! Panama eyeshadow by Dior is a beautiful addition to anyone’s makeup bag because I feel like it is a really wearable shade that you can use in so many ways and that would also suit such a variety of skin tones.

Dior’s eyeshadow in Panama 566 is a beautiful mid-brown taupe shade which has a slight shimmer to it which just makes your eyelids glisten when it catches the light. I would say that this is slightly warmer than something like Satin Taupe from MAC, which I like because then I can justify having both, kind of.

The thing I love about this eyeshadow is that you can build it up for a more intense and smoky look which is great for the night time but also for during the day or wear it as a sheer wash of colour over the lid. For a simple look I like to pair this with Groundwork paintpot my MAC and then take a MAC 217 brush and just sweep it over the lid. If I wanted something a bit deeper, I would pack on the colour with a 239 brush from MAC. I have done a post on handy MAC eyeshadow brushes to have here which will help if you are wondering the differences between the brushes I have mentionned here! Back to the eyeshadow, I do experience a little bit of drop down with this product but nothing that can’t be dealt with, I still find it fine to apply my foundation before hand because I can just take my buffing brush and wipe away any shadow that has dropped down without any major smearing.

I like wearing a base for all my eyeshadows because I think that the colour pay off and the overall effect is just better and because this shadow isn’t the most pigmented in the world, a base is a must for me just to enhance the beauty of it! The formula is not chalky and is smooth to apply, the only thing I am scared of is destroying that ‘Dior’ imprint in the shadow, it is just precious.Image

What do you think? Has this eyeshadow been added to your wishlist?



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