Special Occasion Makeup


I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I buy a luxury piece of makeup, I only tend to use it on special occasions. It just makes the process of getting ready a little bit more exciting! There are a few products I turn to frequently when I know there will be cameras lingering about but some products I only buy or use on occasions such as Christmas!

The first product which is a must for making your makeup last and for making the overall application that much better is a primer. My favourite is the Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation Primer because it really keeps your make up in place and foundation just glides so seamlessly over the top! The next product, which is one of my favourite discoveries of 2013, is the Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation. I have spoke about this many a time before but it really is the next step to achieving flawlessness! There is no flashback when it comes to this foundation which is always nice when you don’t have to scare yourself when flicking through last night’s photos thinking you can see a ghost amongst your friends, when it is actually yourself. I always make sure to check that my concealer has no SPF in it also because white rings around one’s eyes is never a good look. My favourite is the Dior Skin Nude Hydrating Concealer because I think it provides flawless coverage for brightening and concealing the under eye area and the hydrating qualities means it won’t cling to those dry patches around the nose or on any healing blemishes.

Mascara is the thing I tend to splurge on when a special occasion is looming and my treat to myself this year was the YSL Singulier Mascara in the waterproof formula. I must say that I have absolutely fallen in love with this mascara because it separates them like none that I have tried before and gives such amazing length that people question if they are my real lashes or not! Waterproof mascara is a must for me on a day to day basis but I think it is important for making sure to keep smudge free all day and night long when Christmas and New Year get-togethers are going on. 

There is nothing like an eyeshadow palette from Dior to make you feel extra specially special when applying your makeup and the Dior 3 Couleurs Smoky palette in 091 Smoky Black is a sight to set your eyes upon. I usually like to go from neutral and brown/bronze smoky eyes but sometimes it is nice to go for something a bit more intense and this palette can help you create such a lovely dark smoky eye without looking too intense and garish, I especially love the dark shimmery shade to add to the inner corners and take underneath the lower lash line. 

What are your go to products to wear on special occasions?



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