MAC Paintpots


MAC Paintpots are, in my opinion, some of the best cream eyeshadows around. I find them so easy to work with as they blend well, they don’t crease (on me), they last for a really long time, they are nicely pigmented, you can easily wear them alone, eyedshadows sit beautifully on top…you get the idea! The have become one of the staples in my everyday routine and there is always one lingering around in my makeup bag!

Groundwork Paintpot (the bottom one) is by far my most used of the bunch. If you are a neutral eye lover then this is something for you because it goes with absolutely any neutral eye look for day time or you can simply wear it alone which gives that Cara Delevingne-esque look to the eyes. It is a really soft brown colour which is a go to if I want to apply something reliable and without thinking about it.

Next is Indianwood (top left) which is a gorgeous deep, warm golden colour is my favourite product to use when I am doing a golden/brown smoky eye because it gives the shadows so much more intensity but looks lovely on its own too! Even though all of the Paintpots I have tried have been creamy, this one is in particularly so which makes it even more of a joy to use!

Lastly is Rubenesque (top right) which is a golden/peachy pearly shade, is absolutely perfect for the summer time because it injects some subtle shimmery qualities into your makeup and looks especially good with a tan! My favourite combinations for the summer is this paintpot with All That Glitters eyeshadow form MAC also, oh trust me, it’s beautiful!

What are your favourite Paintpots?



13 thoughts on “MAC Paintpots

  1. Painterly is my go-to but I also just LOVE Constructionist. Its very dark but is great on its own or as a base. Totally agree – they are the best hands down. I tried the Color Tattoo (Maybelline, I think) and they just aren’t 1/2 as pigmented.

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