Makeup Tips and Tricks


There are so many different tips and tricks when it comes to makeup which make such a difference in the way that it looks, and more importantly in the way these little changes can make you feel! Of course there are various products around that help, but sometimes it just isn’t in your budget to buy that new eyeshadow brush or heated eyelash curler, especially after Christmas! Over the years of avidly reading blogs, I have picked up a few helpful tips that I use on a regular basis:

  1. Save your pennies on that expensive creaseless concealer and put a dab of your regular primer underneath your eyes before your concealer, this will help your concealer to last longer and prevent it from settling in fine lines.
  2. For a more intense eyeshadow look, slightly dampen your brush before applying your eyeshadow and you should get a much more enhanced colour.
  3. Before curling your eyelashes, quickly heat your curlers with a hair dryer, but make sure you check they are not too hot before putting them near your eye! Believe I’ve been there and it is not pretty.
  4. I find that applying cream highlighter before blush and bronzer is more effective than doing so after because it doesn’t disturb your makeup and looks more natural and part of your skin.
  5. When applying blush, you should apply it from where your pupil of your eye starts and do not bring it in any further. This way you create a more lifted appearance to your face.
  6. If you feel that your bronzer or blush is looking a little patchy, apply a light dusting of translucent powder before applying them and the should then glide over seamlessly without a patch in sight!
  7. Cotton buds are the perfect tool to smudge shadow or liner underneath the lower lash line.

There you have it! I hope you find these little snippets as useful as I do!



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