YSL Singulier Mascara aka ‘The One’


It has been a long search, I’m talking years, but I think I have finally found ‘The One’. It’s typical that my favourite mascara discovery to date has to have a hefty price tag, so sadly, we can only meet again on special occasions when I can justify buying a tube, but for now this one is still going strong and I am going to enjoy the time we have left together.

I heard about this mascara through the grape vine so decided to give it a try to see if it was worth all that talk and boy oh boy it most certainly does! As a straight lashed girl, I always opt for waterproof mascara because my stubborn lashes just won’t hold a curl otherwise. From the very first use I was impressed with this mascara because it gave such amazing length and separation to my lashes like I never had before! If I had the choice I would pick length over volume and even though I did get some volume from this mascara, it really was all about the length.


The bristles on the wand have a spiralled effect which really allows you to nestle right into those roots and separate those lashes giving a really defined and beautiful finish! I love this mascara for both everyday wear because it makes your lashes be the stand out feature of a simple makeup look but I also love it for the evening because it still frames and defines the eyes when wearing a heavier eye look. At the end of a long day my eyelashes are still curled and no smudges in sight!

Have you tried this mascara? Have you found ‘The One’?



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