Make The Most Of Your Lashes


When it comes to makeup application, I always like to pay the most attention when it comes to my eyelashes because even though I am not blessed with amazingly long lashes, I like to try and make the most out of what I’ve got and a certain products, along with a pinch of makeup trickery really can work wonders!

If you really want to make those lashes stand out, I good pair of eyelash curlers is something worth looking into. The Shu Uemura eyelash curlers really are as good as they say, they get right to the root of the lashes and give them the most amazing curl that holds all day. I know they are expensive but I use mine everyday and they they were well worth the investment! Another product that really helps with the illusion of fuller looking lashes is the Clarins 3 dot liner (review here). This is a nifty little product that has a 3 tip nip which is just perfect for wiggling along the lash line to fill in the gaps between the lashes, hello thicker looking lashes! If the 3 dot liner is not on your list for things to splurge on, then you cannot go wrong with lining your top waterline (beware, this tickles) with a black eyeliner and the Rimmel Scadaleyes Kohl Kajal is the perfect option. It’s waterproof properties ensure that it will not smudge of fade throughout the day and it lasts for ages!

The obvious last step is mascara, there are so many mascaras which all promise the same results and having worked my way through many mascaras, loving some and hating others, I am always impressed with the Maybelline mascaras and the Rocket Volume Express mascara is my current favourite as it just completes the look of having fuller and longer looking lashes. I always go for the waterproof formula in mascaras because if I don’t, my lases with not hold a curl, they are just so stubborn! More expensive mascaras may feel more luxurious to use, but there is always something just as good for half the price so it is definitely an area where you should save your money!

What are your favourite products to achieve fuller and longer looking lashes?



8 thoughts on “Make The Most Of Your Lashes

  1. Hi Alice! Thanks for your tips πŸ™‚ I never think about using liners to a fuller eyelashes look. I usually just use eyelashe curler and mascara.
    I just followed you on Bloglovin. Your blog is very lovely πŸ™‚

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