Pretty In A Palette


Ah palettes, a small compact of pure prettiness don’t you think? I am a bit of a hoarder with the single eyeshadows so instead of having them floating around when I am travelling to and fro, having a palette handy is just the perfect thing to slip into a makeup bag. An everyday palette has to match up to certain criteria; highlight shade, matte crease shade and something a little darker to smoke it up a bit, but it is also nice to have a night time palette to for those times when you are getting ready somewhere else and have limited space. I have selected a few palettes which tick all the right boxes and I can’t help but just stare at them for a few minutes every time I use them.

Starting with the most handy palettes, I couldn’t not mention The Golden Goddess Palette by Charlotte Tilbury. The subtle shimmer and the versatile colours are perfect for taking your makeup from day to night and the formula is just so smooth with hardly any fall down. One of my favourite things about these palettes is that she has step by step guides on the looks you can create with them on her Youtube Channel so you really cannot go wrong with this luxury palette! Next is the Estée Lauder Pure Colour Eyeshadow Palette in 08 Bronze Dunes; This is the perfect summer palette because it has some gorgeous warm golden and bronze colours in here that will compliment any tan and it is so versatile, the looks you can create with this are endless! There are two shimmery shades, one matte, one satin and one metallic so they can be used in such a way to make it suitable for any occasion!

Next up is my go to night out palette, the Dior 3 Couleurs Smoky palette in 091 Smoky Black. I love this because instead of creating an intense and heavy eye look, the soft pigmentation creates such a gorgeous sultry eye look and I just love the shimmery shade to smoke along the upper and lower lash line to give you that extra bit of sparkle!

In conclusion, I love palettes, just love them! What are your favourite eyeshadow palettes?



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