Dream Products For Dry Skin


It is no secret that Winter is harsh on one’s skin so it is really important to make sure that we tend to our skin’s every need in order to keep it happy. Over these few cold and miserable months, I have come across some dreamy products that have taken care of the crustiness and pesky dry patches and have made makeup application bearable, with no clinging and dullness in sight. If you are suffering from dry Winter skin, then these products should help whip it back into shape and help it look fresh and alive.

The Clarins Blue Orchid  Face Treatment Oil for dehydrated skin is an absolute staple for me at the moment! I apply this around 2 or 3 times a week, depending on what I need. Using this little gem before moisturising feels so nourishing and is such a treat for my skin! I have noticed that since using this, the dry texture my skin sometimes has in the winter has significantly disappeared and makes everything seem normal again! I really take the time to massage it into the skin so it can thoroughly work its magic!

I have found my favourite ever daytime moisturiser. Before finding this, I could never see why some people have favourite day moisturiser, I mean a moisturiser is just a moisturiser isn’t it? Boy, oh boy how I was wrong! The Vichy Idéalia smoothing and illuminating cream for dry skin is just beautiful, it feels light on the skin considering it is for dry skin and just sinks in while leaving your face with such a beautiful glow that is just perfect for underneath makeup! For me, I feel as though it keeps my face hydrated through out the day and will be forever repurchasing this! However,if you already have your perfect day cream, then this next product might interest you; The Wild About Beauty Rose Water Illuminating Serum. This should be applied on top of your moisturiser and it has such a subtle pearly sheen to it, which really brings your skin to life! It also has some hydrating benefits to it which makes it perfect for people with dry skin. Another reason why I love this is because it feels so weightless on the skin, it is like you never put anything on the first place, which I like because I hate the feeling of having lots of heavy layers on my skin. If you are someone and school and doesn’t need to wear foundation yet (you lucky things, you!) then this would be perfect for you to pop on for school to make your face look fresh and awake.

Last but not least in my dry skin line up is a new love of mine, the Soap and Glory Hocus Focus Instant Flaw-Softening Illuminator (when will they give products shorter names!). I first tried using this underneath my foundation but I found that my foundation on my chin would break up throughout the day, then realised that it wasn’t marketed as a primer so that was silly really, so I dab it on top of my cheekbones and oh my, the most natural looking beautiful glow was mine. I also find it looks beautiful mixed in with foundation because it creates the appearance of supple and dewy skin, which is exactly what we dry people need! have used this everyday this month and urge you all to get it now!

What are your favourite products for your dry skin?



2 thoughts on “Dream Products For Dry Skin

  1. I do not have dry skin but I have a combination skin. I guess I like clean and clear moisturizer. Probably I will use face treatment oil in the near future. I am not sure if what skin product I am looking for this summer except for products with SPF.

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