The ‘Hit Pan’ Products


‘Hitting pan’ on a product is a big thing in my book, because it shows that out of all of the products you own, you really must love these ones the most! After looking at the products I have ‘hit pan’ on, I became slightly emotional (as one does about makeup products) because I really don’t know what I would do without them, and I will most certainly be repurchasing once their lives have come to an end.

The Dior Crème de Rose Lip balm has been a love of mine ever since I bought it and I wince every time I open the tub because there is so little of it left! I like to use this product throughout the day because it gives the lips an ever so slight soft, baby pink appearance which is just perfect for touching up! Aside from the colour, the consistency is just the best because it is not sticky and not greasy, it is just the perfect lip balm and it really does hydrate my lips and sorts them right out when they are a little on the dry side. Even though it is an expensive lip balm, once you have bought it, you just can’t go back to just a regular lip balm so be warned!

The Nars Laguna Bronzer has served me well because I have had it for coming up to a year and it has just been a dream to use! It blends so nicely so you will never come across any patchiness and the colour is just perfect for me and I am quite fair. In the pan, it appears as thought there is a slight shimmer to it, but it hardly transfers once applied so it just creates the most natural looking bronzed glow without looking orange or muddy. It is a must have bronzer for me and I will always have one in the stash because it is just such a go-to reliable product. On the topic of powders, the Clarins Ever Matte Mineral Compact Powder is something that I never thought I would love so much, being a dry skinned girl but I honestly don’t know what I would do without it! It is really fine so it doesn’t ever look chalky and a light dusting of this really sets my makeup and keeps the unwanted shine away! This also gives an extra bit of slight coverage if I am going for a more polished look, so I like to buff it in lightly with a buffing brush over the areas that I need and I am ready to go!

MAC eyeshadows have a place in my heart, even though I have branched in to other brands of eyeshadows, there are a few MAC colours that I own that I could just not be without. Woodwinked, Satin Taupe and Mystery are perfect additions to any neutral eyeshadow lovers because they are so versatile and you will most certainly get your use out of them! Mystery is also quite a nice eyebrow colour so it is a good one to have for travelling because it is multi purpose!

What products have you recently ‘hit pan’ on?



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