DiorSkin Nude Duo


To kick off this ‘In The Nude’ series I have going on this week, I thought I would talk about the DiorSkin Nude BB Creme and Concealer because even though Winter is still very much upon us, I like to think ahead to the warmer months and plan my makeup must haves and look forward to wearing certain products. I bought both of these products last year and am so happy that I got them because they really are beautiful products.

The DiorNude BB Creme is something I reserve for the Spring and Summer when I have a little more colour in my chops because I got the shade 02, I did consider buying the 01 for the Winter, but I have so many bases I had to draw the line somewhere so I decided to be strong and not get it after all. Anyway, this product is just perfect for the Summer time because it feels light on the skin and provides quite good coverage without looking noticeable and overly detectable on the skin. I feel like this products is an all rounder because you can apply it lightly with fingers to achieve that effortlessly natural yet luminous look, or use a brush to buff it into the skin for the evening time to create a slightly more flawless base but still have people guessing about your skincare secrets! Some of the BB’s and CC’s, no doubt we will be seeing DD’s and EE’s soon, are novelty products that don’t live up to their claims but this one just gives your skin such a lovely look and finish that I even catch myself looking in the mirror thinking ‘Dang! Your skin is lookin’ good today! (I’m sure I can’t be the only one who does this, right?). If you are thinking about getting this, I would go to a counter to have a look at the shades as they are quite limited, but if you find a match, go for it because you will certainly get your money’s worth!

Next is the DiorSkin Nude Hydrating Concealer, I have been using this in the winter for under my eyes and around my nose because it really has such a gorgeous hydrating texture that is so comfortable to wear. This can also be applied in different ways to get a different finish, for example for under my eyes I like to take a little on my ring finger and dab it under my eyes because I find that it provides good coverage that way and is very brightening. For around my nose I like to take a fluffy buffing brush just to buff it in lightly so that it doesn’t settle or look too cakey! I really like the coverage this provides because it is good yet doesn’t dry to a matte and cakey finish or feel heavy on the skin. Even though I have been using this concealer recently, in the Summer time these two products make quite a pairing for effortless, radiant and beautiful skin!

I would say that these product would be loved most by people with dry to combination skin, with a dusting of powder in the day it will last you around 6 hours but if you have oily skin, I’m sure a good primer and some powder would do you well with this but you would have to test it first before taking the plunge.

Have you tried these products yet?



6 thoughts on “DiorSkin Nude Duo

  1. fransmakeupmenu says:

    Dior BB creme is my favourite! It’s amazing coverage and I love the finish. I will check out the concealer next, love anything brightening πŸ™‚

  2. emlota says:

    I’m yet to try a BB cream as I struggle to find one pale enough but this review will have me trying out the lightest Dior BB next time I’m shopping to see if it suits!

    Lovely post (: xx

  3. I tried the Dior BB Cream, too, in the same shade but it turned extremely orange on me 😦 Other than that, I liked the effect: my skin looked really fresh and even πŸ™‚

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