MAC Lipstick In Hue


This second installation of my ‘In The Nude’ series this week, calls for a love declaration of my favourite of all time nude lipstick. I feel like I mention Hue lipstick my MAC sometimes on my blog but I have never given it the rave it deserves considering I love it SO much. I thought that now was the perfect opportunity to do so because I just got a brand new tube which was just begging to have its photograph taken! I am a girl who loves her lip products and am constantly changing up the products I use, but this is around my 6th tube of this lipstick and it will forever be a staple in my makeup bag.

A lot of people consider this to be ‘too nude’ for them, yes I agree it is a rather pale nude shade, but I am fair skinned so it is just the perfect shade for me for every day and there is something about the subtle pink hue to it that has me head over heels for it! Hue is a glaze lipstick in formulation so it more sheer in texture and not so opaque so therefore it is not so daunting to wear and it just easy to throw on in a hurry plus the hint of gloss it has to it just adds to the perfection. The reason it is such a staple is because it is just so reliable to me and it is something I turn to if I don’t know what to wear, if I have a smoky eye, if I am going for a more laid back look, the list just goes on.

If you are more more of a medium skin tone, this may be a little too nude for you but even in the summer when I have some more colour, this lipstick lightly patted into the lips is just lovely and the soft pink/nude shade compliments those sunkissed cheeks perfectly.

Have you tried Hue lipstick before? What is your Holy Grail lipstick?



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