Products To Achieve ‘The Natural’ Look


In this ‘In The Nude’ series happening this week, we have so far talked about, glowing base products, nude lips and nude eyeshadows so now it seems appropriate to talk about products that can help you achieve that ever coveted ‘no makeup’ makeup look. Considering that they are so many beautiful products on the market that you can create any look you could want, we all seem to want to look as natural as possible! In all honesty though, sometimes it can take more effort to create this natural look because we want to bee 100% sure that no one is fooled by our trickery and want people to think we simply wake up this way.

The base is the most important part when going after this ‘no makeup’ makeup look because you have to make sure that it is undetectable on the skin. Recently, I have fallen back in love with my Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation and cannot for the life of me remember why I stopped using it for so long! It gives me such a radiant glow but it sits so light on the skin that it just looks like my natural complexion even though it provides me with the perfect amount of coverage, which I can build if I want to. To add to that foundation, the Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch concealer is just perfect because it covers those dark circles and for me it hides redness well and it does not look heavy or cakey on the skin! All in all, these two products together create a radiant natural looking base which looks like your skin but just better (but no one else knows that).

In keeping with the glowy skin, cream blush is always a good option and the Max Factor Miracle Touch Cream Blush in Soft Pink is a good way to go. Instead of drying to a powdery finish that can look quite drying like some cream products, this blends seamlessly into the skin and without becoming powdery. Because of this it looks like part of your skin and the colour gives your cheeks a lovely natural flush and also a light and healthy looking sheen to the skin.

Whatever the occasion, eyebrows are not a negotiable factor, they must be seen to, they don’t have to look harsh or drawn on because no one wants that! Using a powder to lightly fill in your brows gives a more softer and natural looking appearance and Charcoal Brown by MAC is a great eyebrow colour for anyone with medium brown hair who likes a tine hint of warmth to brows. The MAC 266 is just the best brush when it comes to applying powder to your eyebrows so I would highly recommend investing in one because it just makes the process and the results so much better! Along with those perfectly natural eyebrows that frame your face, eyelashes are important in order to frame your eyes and the Maybelline The Rocket mascara makes your lashes look full yet still natural.

Lastly, the Dior Lip Glow Colour Awakening Lipbalm in Rosy Glow is such a beautiful product to have because it makes your lips look so plump and juicy and gives them a rosy tint. It is a moisturising tinted lip balm so it doesn’t look obvious or over done it just looks so subtle and pretty and is a great staple to keep on your handbag!

What are your favourite products to use to create and natural look?




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