The New Nudes


I love me a nude lip, I really do and I own far too many! Recently, even though nude lips on the paler side are more up my alley, I have been getting into those darker nudes that have a more natural and blushed effect on the lips. There is something quite fresh about the whole thing and these kinds of colours look more sophisticated and really put together.

MAC’s Brave lipstick is a colour that I would have never really chosen for myself if I was browsing a MAC counter, but I got this little number for Christmas and I have to say that I have really been enjoying wearing it during these colder winter months. As I am quite fair, it can look a little dark on me so I like to really pat it into the lips and it gives me that kind of English Rose effect along with my fair complexion and there is something very Lady Mary-esque about it (I have been watching far too much Downton Abbey). It’s a satin finish so it is very smooth and pigmented and quite opaque when building it up so that is why I prefer to pat it in because it just looks more natural on me that way. It is a real blush toned nude with a slight hint of that browny undertone but not too much so it just looks perfect on a cold winter’s day.

Next is up is a result of my constant browsing on Cult Beauty and it is Lipstick Queen’s Sinner Lipstick in Bare Nude. There are various formulas of lipstick that Lipstick Queen make and I find that this Sinner Lipstick is similar in texture to the MAC Satin lipsticks. This colour is a peachy nude and it is the perfect neutral colour that is not too beige/brown/peach, just perfect and looks beautiful with a sheer nude gloss on the top. Perfect for everyday and it is just so comfortable to wear! I feel like a lot of skin tones would work well with this colour, so if you are looking for a new everyday nude that is not too nude then look no further!


MAC Brave on the top, Lipstick Queen Bare Nude on the bottom.

As you can see they are both really natural and wearable colours that are perfect for everyday! As I have stated before, MAC Hue is just perfection in a tube for me but I think this ‘new nudes’ are something I am going to get into!

What do you think? Do you like these lipsticks?



9 thoughts on “The New Nudes

  1. Mac Brave looks right up my street, I’ve been looking for the perfect nude lipstick and this looks great, I love the natural blushed effect it gives like you described x I’ve just followed your blog Alice I love your content just been flicking through loads of your posts ❤


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