Highend Haulin’


Let me paint you a little picture: Student on year abroad, having a bad day and feeling homesick, spare time = Shopping. I enjoy nothing more than the exchange of money for makeup (except the exchange for money part) but nonetheless, it feels nice to have a few new exciting toys to play with after a bad day, who’s with me? 

It all started when I casually walked past a Dior counter and had to retrace my steps when I saw this little number through the corner of my eye. The Dior nail polish in 777 Bloom, its just a stunner isn’t it. I couldn’t resist it when I saw it amongst the Spring collection and it is the perfect pick me up colour, so into the basket it went. This next purchase isn’t so bad because I did need a new mascara and was just struck by curiosity by the Benefit BAGgal Lash Waterproof mascara (waterproof is essential for me to hold a curl in these stubborn lashes!). I have started to use it and for me it’s not groundbreaking but I am enjoying the effect it gives for a somewhat full and fluttery day time lash. The last thing I bought was something that was love at first swatch and it is the Guerlain Gloss d’Enfer in 461 Pink Clip. I don’t know about you but I seem to go though different phases where I am obsessed with a certain makeup product and recently I have been going crazy for lipgloss! This gloss imparts a soft peachy pink, but more pink than peach (if you know what I mean) with a slight sheeny shimmer and a lovely glossy finish, yet not sticky?! it is just so lovely to apply and on application just the right amount comes out to give you a light layer which you can build if you want to. I am just in love with it and has constantly been in my bag ever since I got it!

That little spree definitely cheered me up, until my next bad day at least! Have you tried any of these products?



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