Get That Rosy Glow


Feeling dull, lack lustre and just plain ‘bleugh’ are common in these miserable, miserable Winter months, but luckily, with the help of a product or two (or seven) we can make our tired skin appear bright and healthy! These two products by Dior are things that I have really enjoyed using over the past few months in order to make my complexion look more alive and I couldn’t be without them.

The Dior Healthy Glow Awakening Blush in Petal may look a bit much in the pan but it actually gives a really lovely awakening effect on the skin, would you believe! In fact, this is one of those clever products that adapts to everyone’s skin tones differently to because your very own perfect shade of pink! If you swatch this on the back of your hand, it does look like a bright blue toned pink but on it just gives the most perfect flush of colour which is perfect for that old ‘I have been walking the dog in the cold morning air’ kind of vibe. There is no patchiness, it lasts all day and I actually turned my Mum onto this blush too which just shows that it is suitable for everyone and would make a great present! 

The complimentary Dior Lip Glow is a tinted lip balm, which has the same idea as the blush with adapting to each person differently. On me this looks so natural and it gives that ‘just bitten’ rosy effect to the lips while keeping them nourished and sheeny at the same time! 

If you are the look out for a few ‘pick me up products’ and want to have a nice treat, I think these are really great makeup bag staples! Between you and me, as they are complimentary products, it is completely justifiable to have both, just sayin’. 

Have you tried this products before?



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