The ‘Under The Weather’ Products


The cough and cold season really has taken its toll this year and after having suffered for around two weeks with it, I can finally see the end! Having a cough and a nose which behaves like a tap has really not been kind to my face, hello dry and crusty nose and lips! However, there have been a few products which I have been relying on to keep me looking a little fresher than I feel.

Having a blocked nose can result in sleepless nights where breathing becomes a chore, oh the joys. Therefore breathing through your mouth is the only option which can lead to those dreaded dry lips! Having recently discovered that my favourite Dior Creme de Rose Lipbalm has been discontinued, I am trying not to use mine so much so I have found something else which has been doing the trick just fine: the Bio Beauté by Nuxe Repairing Lip Balm with Apricot really moisturising and has sorted out this dry pout in a flash. It smells oh so good and it has a glossy yet not sticky finish so it has been a perfect companion for my handbag for re-application through out the day. The this works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray really is such a nice product to spray on your pillows at night to rest that bunged up head because it helps to slightly relieve the blocked nose and calm you before your slumber. Tackling the dry skin around my nose was quite the mission this time round because I have literally never had anything like it, I woke up one particular morning and the skin around my nose felt so tight and in all honesty, looked quite ghastly! Off to the French pharmacies I went in search of a saviour and came back with the the Weleda Cold Cream, a really rich and nourishing cream that I used over night and at various points through out a few makeup-less days to the dry area and in around 2 days it was hardly noticeable and in 3 days it was literally gone! It was a real hero and something I will be keeping in the ‘under the weather’ stash.

On the days when I actually had to leave my tissue-filled pit, I relied on the Soap and Glory Instant Visual Flaw Softening Illuminator to illuminate the dullness that was my skin and give it that little bit of oomph that it needed. To brighten the tired peepers I found that the Bare Minerals Stroke Of Light Eye Brightener was a perfect choice to put on just to make me look a bit perkier when I did not have the energy to put on the usual slap. The tissues and candle are not obligatory in this situation, but strongly recommended. 

What are your go to products for when you are feeling under the weather?




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