Bare Minerals Stroke Of Light Eye Brightener


We could all use a bit of brightness under the eyes in the morning couldn’t we? The Bare Minerals Stroke Of Light Eye Brightener has been coming in very handy when I have needed a bit of extra boost in the morning. Whether you have a bad case of the sleepy eyes or just want to give yourself a little more of an illuminating finish, this may be the product for you.

This product comes in 4 shades and the one I have here is in Luminous 1 which is quite pink toned and is perfect for us fair skinned girls. The applicator deposits just the right amount of product for both eyes so you get a lot of bang for you buck as this product will last you a fair amount of time. This is a really effective product to dab in the inner corners of your eyes and blend underneath your eyes too, it provides a really natural illuminating look to the skin which really brightens up the face. I find the coverage to be quite sheer, so I like to apply it over the top of my concealer for a better effect. If you are someone who does not suffer from bad under eye circles then this would be just right to apply on its own to keep the skin looking natural and fresh.

This product blends really seamlessly into the skin and even though it is meant to be quite moisturising, I find it to apply much better when I have used a good eye cream before hand as a base for my makeup. Overall this is a great product for daily use and perfect to throw in your bag for touch ups if you are looking a little on the drab side throughout the day!


Have you tried this Bare Minerals Stroke Of Light Eye Brightener Before?



4 thoughts on “Bare Minerals Stroke Of Light Eye Brightener

  1. fransmakeupmenu says:

    Great post! I always eye this product out at the counter. I am such a sucker for under eye brightening products!

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