The Everyday Makeup Brushes


Using good tools is a very important thing when it comes to makeup application. No one wants a flimsy old brush that makes your makeup look patchy and that sheds all over you face, so investing in some good brushes that will last you a long time is essential. The only downside of having a love for brushes is when you have to clean them all, what a chore it is! Because of this reason, I have set aside my absolute essential brushes to use on a day to day basis so cleaning day isn’t something I dread for days in advance!

We all know them, we all love them and most probably we all own them, the Real Techniques brushes really are a staple in anyone’s collection. The Buffing Brush is my foundation brush of choice because it gives foundation such a flawless yet natural finish and the soft bristles blend the foundation in really beautifully. This is also a brush you could use for cream blush and even mineral foundations. The Blush Brush is probably my ‘cannot live without’ brush, in fact I have lost this brush on a night out once and in a state of horror I ordered a new one as soon as I got in, it must be love. Despite the name, I just absolutely love it for bronzer because it is tapered, so it buffs the product on to your skin while blending it as the same time! My blush brush of choice is the MAC 129 Powder/Blush Brush, this has really treated me well because I got this brush around 5 years ago when I got my first MAC makeover and it is still going strong and cleans like a treat!

When it comes to the eyes, I usually like to wear a cream shadow as a base, for which I use the Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush, It applies cream products really smoothly and as it is a synthetic brush, it is the perfect thing to use because it washes up nicely and the bristles do not get ruined. The MAC 217, where do I start with this little number? This brush will never leave my side! I could not go a day without using this brush, it just blends eyeshadow like a dream and is the perfect companion for an everyday smoky eye with its ability to lightly apply eyeshadow. I always use an eyebrow comb as well but an old mascara wand will do the trick just fine (a clean one obviously, we don’t want black eyebrows now, do we?). 


What are your everyday essential makeup brushes?



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