MAC Patina and Sable Eyeshadows


Collecting MAC eyeshadows is just so fun isn’t it? When you finally bite the bullet and get the large pro palette and, it is very dangerous because you get that itching feeling that you must fill it up with a collection on beautiful shadows. It is been a long journey but after a few long years, I have finally filled those last two empty spots in my palette and my oh my, what beautiful eyeshadows they are!

When I was browsing the MAC counter, I was there for quite sometime because selecting the perfect eyeshadow is obviously an important decision to make. After some deliberating before hand, I knew I wanted Patina eyeshadow because after hearing about how it is a must have in anybody’s collection, it was a no brainer that I had to have it! The thing that ultimately helped this decision however, was going back to old makeup videos and watching Tanya Burr’s Marissa Miller Makeup Tutorial on Youtube because, come on, who wouldn’t want to look like that! Patina is a beautiful everyday eyeshadow that really is a staple and I do not know why I have not picked this colour up before! This golden taupe colour is something that could easily be taken from day tonight and I cannot wait to play around with it some more!

The last eyeshadow that I picked up was Sable, this is so pretty! Seriously, I do not know how I have been living without this eyeshadow in my life! Dramatic I know, but it really is stunning. I think I have refrained from getting this in the past because I was afraid that it was too similar to Bronze eyeshadow which I already have. What was I thinking? it is completely different, Bronze is more of a true bronze colour that is quite intense when packed onto the lid with that slight orange undertone but Sable is a soft plum brown colour with a hint of bronze shimmer running through it, so it is a little softer on the lid and a little less intense so more appropriate for an everyday smoky eye, in my opinion. I really like this shadow and just know that I am going to get a lot of use out of it and it will look amazing in combination with various different eyeshadows! I was definitely a happy bunny after I popped these little pans of goodness in my palette. 

What are your latest eyeshadow purchases from MAC?



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