Top 5 Spring Nail Polishes


Gone are the days of dark and vampy nail colours, Spring is upon us which means it is time to whip out those coloured polishes so we can show off our pink and pastel talons! I have thought long and hard about which nail polishes deserve a mention in the Spring must have category and I have successfully narrowed it down to five, with a selection of both cheaper products and more expensive ones.

Starting with the more affordable options are the Topshop nail polishes. Topshop never let me down when it comes to colour selection because they have everything you could possibly need, so you can experiment with different shades to your heart’s content and not feel guilty about spending too much, especially if you have a student discount! These two colours I have here managed to sneak their way into my hands when I was queuing to pay at the till. I tried to resist but they were right there so I just had to have them! The colours in question are Flamingo Coral, which is a lovely milky peachy/pink and Warpaint, which is a coral colour, my favourite! These aren’t streaky and Warpaint applies perfectly in two coats whereas Flamingo Pink is more of a three coater but that doesn’t bother me when it comes to lazy Sunday nail painting afternoons. At only £5 a pop, it is only a matter of time because a few more sneak into my grasp!

Next on the list is one that I have mentioned a few times, the Dior Nail Polish in 777 Bloom (review here) and I still can’t get enough of it! Dior nail offerings are just the best in my opinion and this colour is just, well, look at it! A gorgeous fushia pink that will get you in that Spring mood in no time! Even though I do love a good pink, nothing quite says Spring time like a nice pastel lilac/blue which is where O.P.I’s You’re Such A Budapest comes into the equation. This polish just reminds me of Easter and it is just a joy to wear and is one that attracts many a compliment!

The last of my top 5 nail polishes for Spring is one of the latest additions to my collection which is Essie’s Splash Of Grenadine. This is a lovely light purple colour which I have been wearing for around four days now and it is still looking tip top and ship shape, not to mention that I can’t stop staring at my finger nails! This is a lovely all rounder which will take you into Summer time and will also look perfect on tanned toes too.

What are your favourite nail polishes for Spring?



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