MAC Peach Blossom Lipstick


Yet another MAC lipstick has come into my grasp, but I can justify this one because I got it when I back to MAC-ed. For those of you who aren’t aware of back-ing to MAC-ing, it is where you can get a free lipstick of your choice if you bring six empty MAC products to a counter, isn’t that fabulous? The lipstick in question is Peach Blossom, or as I like to call it: ‘The Perfect Lipstick.’

If you have been a frequent reader over here at Making Me Blush, then you will know that I have had a long love affair with Hue lipstick by MAC, heck I’ve even done a whole post dedicated to it! But there comes a time when a girl needs to look back over the menu and opt for something new, well this lipstick is my something new, therefore it also deserves a post dedicated to it. I have been wearing it non-stop because it is just one of those products that looks good no matter what else you are wearing!


In terms of colour, it is not as pale as Hue and it has a bit more of a peachy warmth to it. It is definitely not as peach as Shy Girl and does not so much have that brown undertone either. It is the perfect everyday peachy pink which is, even though I hate the term, you lips but better, much much better! It is a cremesheen formula which means it is creamy to apply with a good colour pay off and doesn’t enhance any dry or flaky lips you may be suffering from but I find it to have a little bit more of a frosty finish than other cremesheens, but not too much that it is off-putting. If the MAC lipstick formulas is still a head scratcher for you, I did a post way back in my early months of blogging which may be helpful! Peach Blossom has shot its way into the top ranks in my book and if you are a lipstick lover and do not have this in your stocks, boy oh boy you are missing out! What is your favourite MAC lipstick? Alice.


11 thoughts on “MAC Peach Blossom Lipstick

  1. I had used Mac for about 5 years before I venturrd to try other brands. I simply love the colours they offer and the shades that I buy is usually in soft pinks or mauve. 🙂 I only wonder if amyone experiences darkened lips from using Mac lipsticks too regularly?

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