What’s In My MAC Eyeshadow Palette?


Buying this 15 pan MAC eyeshadow palette was a decision that was absolutely necessary because it was just a pain having to faff around with all of the single eyeshadows, now I have everything all in on place and under one roof. However, deciding which eyeshadows to buy to fill the last few spaces was a tough one but I have done it! Is it bad that I still want more?

Let’s keep in mind that these eyeshadows have accumulated over a significant amount of time, so eventhough the combination of the 15 eyeshadows is expensive, it is an investment I most certainly do not regret! Everyday I use at least one of these shadows from the palette and I always take it with me if I am staying over somewhere because I chose all of the colours personally so if I can’t work with something else I have brought along, I know something with this palette, something will look good and do the trick!


I will talk through the colours from left to right! First up we have Nylon which is a very shimmery and pale yellow/gold toned colour, it is perfect for the inner corners and even for a cheekbone highlight! Next is Naked Lunch which is the queen of the natural eyeshadows and a must have in anyone and everyone’s collection, in my opinion. Soba is an interesting colour because it leans neither to the cool or warm side and sits somewhere in the middle, some people aren’t sure of this colour because they think it makes them look ill but I think it is a perfect sweep all over the lid kinda colour and gives the eye some lovely definition. My favourite everyday Summer shadow is All That Glitters, if you are trying to decide on a shadow for MAC and don’t know which one to choose, this really is a fail safe that can be used day or night and will look good on everyone! Charcoal Brown is one of my most used shadows because I love it for my brows and also in the crease for a bit of extra definition.


The next row is my favourite! Starting with Satin Taupe which is one that applies warmer on the eye than it looks in the pan and it really is just a stunning shade that you can do so many things with, especially creating a subtle smoky eye. Patina is one of the last shadows that I got for my palette and I don’t know how I have lived without it is the perfect neutral eyeshadow that you need if you are a neutral eyeshadow lover. Bronzewhere do I start with this?! It is colour that makes your eyes really stand out and is such favourite of mine. Mystery (excuse its appearance, it got messy when I de-potted it *sheepish face*) is a cool toned brown that is also a really great brow colour and also lovely to add some definition to the outer corners of your eyes or along the lashline tooBlue eyed girls and green eyed girls listen up because Antiqued is something you need! The warmth of this colour is just great for blue and green eyes and I wore this alot during the winter months with some black eyeliner smudged along the lashes for a really intense smoky eye.


If you are starting to shop for your golden goddess holiday essentials for the summer time, then you have to get Woodwinked because it looks amazing with a tan and releases the inner J-Lo in you! Sable was another one of the last to join the others and I say again, why have I not had it sooner? A warm brown that is great for any occasion if you are stuck for something to wear. The next eyeshadow is one I don’t use that often and I really should because Sumptuous Olive is such an interesting colour that does not apply as green as it looks in the pan, it’s more of a gold with an edge which I think would look nice over some sort of golden cream shadow base. I save Contrast and Black Tied for when I want a break from my typical warm browns and golds and I also like using them on brown eyed friends because these colours look great on brown eyed beauties.

I tried to keep it short and sweet and believe me I could speak for a long time about MAC eyeshadows. It goes with out mentioning that they are all buttery, pigmented and fabulous and I would say go for it if you want to go the whole hog and invest in a palette! I know that MAC have recently released some ready made 15 pan palettes but I prefer to do it this way because then it is personal and customized specifically to you!

What are your MAC palette must-haves?



4 thoughts on “What’s In My MAC Eyeshadow Palette?

  1. Sumptuous olive is such a beautiful shade! So pretty especially in summer the golden tones look o amazing with a tan. Really want to try nylon and soba too, they look like they’d make great staple shades 🙂

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